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Become a member

Membership is free.  You can become a member if you were (or are) a member of staff in the Home Office, its agencies or public bodies.  That includes organisations which were part of the HO, but moved elsewhere following machinery of government changes.   To become a member, please complete and return the membership form to side panel for more information.

500 Club

If you are not already a member of the 500 Club, please give this serious consideration – this is our only source of funding.  When you buy 500 Club shares, your shares are put into two draws, in April and October.  Each share costs £10 per year and you can buy up to 5 shares. To buy shares: fill in the section on the above membership form, or if you’re already a member, download a separate application form, which contains optional Standing Order instructions, and email it to side panel for more information.

Join the email group

If you’re already a HORSA member, but not in the Email Members Group (EMG), you’re missing out!  HORSA uses the email group to send out newsletters, to give event updates, to pass on messages about old colleagues, and occasionally to canvas members on HORSA and Departmental matters. To join the email group, send an email, with your full name and address to  Please remember to use a personal email address as HO email addresses cease when you retire, and do not always allow attachments.

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club is for those who enjoy shows, plays and exhibitions – as well as really good discounts on tickets – contact the Social Secretary via  

General enquiries, HORnet, walks etc

Contact the Information Officer for general enquiries, the HORnet (HORSA newsletter), and any other Club matters via  For instance, the Information Officer organises and leads walks around the Croydon and Central London area. Activities tend to be in and around London, as that’s where most people are.  If you want to organise a club in your area, please contact the Information Officer who can help publicise it via the HORnet.